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How does Printhouse work?
How does Printhouse work?
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Our business is very simple, you can link your eShop(s) to your account and the orders made by your customers on those eShops will land on your Printhouse dashboard, there you will only need to verify (add or remove files to print, edit the address if needed, add any of our Custom Branding options) choose a shipping option, approve and send to Production and we'll print and drop-ship directly to your customers. 

Also, you can make manual orders in case you don't own eShop yet.

We also offer free white-label service, so you can add an extra flare to your orders by adding your logo to the packing slip or even sending your own customized packing slip, your own custom sticker on the box or even add a customized Thank You card.

NOTE: our packing slip does not include any price, we will only list the ordered items and your customer's name and address.

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