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What makes you, you?

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Your style is a combination of your voice, techniques, color choices, compositions, subject matter, media, and more all wrapped up. Your style is what binds each of your pieces together into a unique and cohesive collection.

Your idea or your approach to your work is ultimately what you will be putting out in the market. By determining what it is you do, how you do it, and the content, subjects, and form/media, you will be defining your signature style. Once you have developed a style, you can then present it seamlessly to your audience. By defining your brand or style, you are unwittingly determining your audience.

  • How do artists find their style?

If you are only doing art in your head, your style won’t develop. If you only do art a couple of times a month or less, you won’t see much progress. Try to create as often as you can. Every day is best, but a few times a week is perfect.

Practice. Practice. PRACTICE

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