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Link Your Shopify Items with Your Printhouse Files
Link Your Shopify Items with Your Printhouse Files

Merge your store with Printhouse system

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To link the files you uploaded to Printhouse with the items in your Shopify store, you must go to Print Files section to perform this procedure.

Select the file or files you want to link to your Shopify catalog. Make sure that each file complies all requirements of the Product Catalog available.

Otherwise, the Printhouse system will warn you if the file is not compatible with the available catalog.

If everything is OK, go to the file Settings and match them with the item on the Printhouse Catalog. On the same file settings are the "Connections" and just link your file to the corresponding item. Click "Save Properties" and you're done.

Once your files are linked, Printhouse will automatically detect when a new customer has placed an order that includes products linked to the system. Just review the order quickly and go straight to production.

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